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HIPPA Compliant High Performance Computing

The workshop is designed to introduce the HIPPA Compliant High Performance Computing Environment. The Secure4 environment is a high-performance research (HPC) cluster for researchers who need to store/use level 4 (HIPAA). There more than 200 applications available in this environment.

This workshop can also be attended online. Attendance to this workshop is free, but registration is required.  Visit ShowMe Portal at MU Medicine Website for more details. Contact with Abu Saleh Mohammad Mosa (Email: mosaa@health.missouri.edu) for any questions.

Location: Health Sciences Library, Room 117

You can also attend this workshop online. Online conference information will be shared with the registered participants before the day of workshop

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
4:00pm - 5:00pm
117 Health Sciences Library
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Event Organizer

Vasanthi Mandhadi

Vasanthi Mandhadi

Research Design Engineer

University of Missouri School of Medicine