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Zotero for McNair

Hi Rachel,

I hope you had a great vacation. Another year, another McNair presentation request.  The past few  years you’ve been able to incorporate subject guides and databases/aggregators etc. (see email from previous years below for more details) into the workshop on Zotero.  We’re also requiring that they set up a time to meet with a subject librarian this year, so we might not need to emphasize that as much, leaving more time to discuss Zotero and its features.


Are you available to do this workshop on Wednesday, September 20th   at 5:00pm (students will be prepared to stay until 6:30pm)? I‘m hoping we can use 213 Ellis Library, but if not, then 25 Arts & Science Building, is possibly available.


This would be for 19 students, all juniors or seniors, from various majors.  I will provide a list closer to the event.


Also, for the Data Visualization workshop, would February 14th at 5:00 pm work for you?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
5:00pm - 6:30pm
213 Ellis Library
Class Specific Instruction Session, Closed to Registration

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Rachel Brekhus