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English 1000, sec 94 (Harlin)

Contact name:   Harlin, Katelyn

Contact email:   kh928@mail.missouri.edu

Number of Students:       15

Section Number:              94

Library Assignment Description: Students will have to write an exploratory (so not argument driven) research essay about an object of their choosing from special collections. I hope that they will work in SC and in the library to pursue open-ended research questions. This is an International Section!

               5 mins   Introduction & Conclusion

               10 mins Research Strategy

               10 mins MERLIN Library Catalog Basics

               15 mins Searching Databases Basics:

               5 mins   Search & Find (Summon) for Articles and Books

               5 mins   Popular vs. Scholarly Sources


Total Estimated time for session: 50 minutes.

Friday, October 13, 2017
12:00pm - 12:50pm
213 Ellis Library
English 1000

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