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English 1000, sec 44, (Sauer)

Contact name:  Sauer, Gordon C.

Contact email:   sauerg@missouri.edu

Number of Students:      20

Section Number:              44

Library Assignment Description: The assignment my students will be preparing after this session is an inquiry essay, wherein they're deriving a focused research question that they'll explore in a 4-page essay. The question will revolve around our theme "Environmentalism, Sustainability, and Social Justice," and it's intended to be focused, though not necessarily answerable--i.e., I'm encouraging theoretical and more personal questions as opposed to practical questions. Perhaps a question like: How does Mizzou explore the role of diversity and social justice on campus through its botanical gardens? I'm trying to teach my students to be more investigative, critical thinkers as opposed to approaching essays through the "prove it" format.

1st Alternate Date and Time:       April-03 at 12:00 PM


Individual Class Selections

                5 mins   Introduction & Conclusion

                10 mins Research Strategy

                10 mins MERLIN Library Catalog Basics

                15 mins Searching Databases Basics:

                5 mins   Search & Find (Summon) for Articles and Books

                5 mins   Popular vs. Scholarly Sources

Total Estimated time for session: 50 minutes.

Monday, April 3, 2017
12:00pm - 12:50pm
213 Ellis Library
English 1000

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